Amiga Intro FAQ
The following has been excerpted from:
    THE OFFICIAL comp.sys.amiga.introduction FAQ  (The complete FAQ is available here.)
The Basics
  • What are screens?
  • What is this multitasking stuff all about?
  • But I thought Windows95 invented multitasking?
The Hardware
  • What models of Amigas are there?
  • Can I get 24-bit graphics displays on my Amiga?
Basic Concepts
  • What are all these files ending in ".library"?
Using the Shell
  • How do I open a Shell?
  • General Information.
  • Can I use an Iomega Zip or SyQuest EZ drive on my Amiga?
  • What kind of hard drives work with the built-in controller in the A1200?
  • My accelerator can take 72-pin SIMMs. What kind do I need?
  • What about parity & EDO?
Third-Party Software
  • What is Directory Opus?
  • What is Executive?
  • What is ixemul.library?
  • What is ADE?
The Internet
  • What kind of modems will work with the Amiga?
  • How fast can I make the serial port go?
  • What is Aminet?
  • How is Aminet organized?
  • Can I run Netscape Navigator?
  • Netscape is evil. I want an Amiga browser.
Dealing With Other Platforms
  • Can I read Amiga disks on a PC?
  • Can my Amiga read PC disks?
  • Can the Amiga read Macintosh disks?
  • What is Shapeshifter?

AmigaDOS -
The Amiga's disk-based command set, accessible via the CLI or Shell.
ARexx -
A script-based programming language for communication within programs and/or the CLI or Shell.
Boing! -
An Amiga demo designed to run on the A1000 in 1985. The Boing! ball is a red and white checkerboard sphere that bounces around the screen and casts a shadow.
AmigaDOS Command Line Interface for accessing DOS.
Interchange File Format for storing pictures and sounds.
Library -
A collection of compiled routines that can be accessed by more than one application.
Locale -
The Amiga's multi-lingual environment.
Priority -
A value assigned to a task to determine how frequently it may have access to the CPU or devices.
A fixed size RAM disk that survives a warm reboot.
Retargetable Graphics, allowing any graphics board to have direct support by the operating system.
Screen -
A rectangular display area with an independent palette and an independent resolution.
Script -
List of commands in a text file, such as for AmigaDOS, which can be executed in order.
Shared Library -
Set of routines that may be accessed by many executable programs simultaneously.
Shell -
Enhanced CLI for accessing DOS commands.
Sprite -
A graphics object that moves freely between screens.
Startup-sequence -
An AmigaDOS script that is executed when the Amiga boots. This script sets up the hardware and other functions of the system.
Video Slot -
An expansion slot that permits access to video devices and Zorro slots simultaneously.
Zorro Slot -
An expansion slot in 16-bit or 32-bit wide data paths for adding hardware to the Amiga.

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